New Witbuik x Verhellen Hilaire


Since 1990, Hilaire Verhellen has been recognized internationally as one of the top-lofts for very long distance races. In 2005 he won the international race from Dax.

SuperDax Verhellen 1st International Dax 2005
Winner Golden EuroDiamond 2005

As son in law of Hilaire Verhellen, the old strain of Hilaire Verhellen is still present at HvA Pigeons.

New Witbuik x daughters of SuperDax and inbreed daughters of the old strain guarantee a bright future for very long distance races. The ancestors of the Verhellen loft were namely De Baard (Beard) 4301039/83 and De Dromer (Dreamer)4301009/83. Both are sire and grandsire of an improbable number of racing and breeding pigeons. The fathers of both pigeons are brothers and be descended from Cattrysse (Moere) and Van der Espt (Oostende). The mother of De Baard is a sister of the 1st national St.Vincent and comes from Kamiel De Zutter (Assenede). The mother of De Dromer is on the sires side Verhaegen & Son and on the dam’s side there is Gibert Van de Weghe (Olsene) and Bostijn (sister of Benoni). Two very important hens of the Verhellen loft are La Souteraineke 6486253/80 and her sister De 04 6486304/80. They both have predominantly blood-relationship of Gilbert Van de Weghe (Olsene). Pay attention how close the world famous Belgian basis breeders Cattrysse, Van de Weghe, Bostijn, Van der Espt and De Zutter are present. With especially the herefor mentioned pigeons, Hilaire created his own family by very severe selection.